Transfer price from Genoa Airport to Monterosso al Mare (Cinque Terre)
Genoa Airport

Monterosso al Mare (Cinque Terre)

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We offer private shuttle transfer from Genoa Airport to Monterosso al Mare (Cinque Terre). Travel worry-free, because using our private taxi service, your trip to Monterosso al Mare (Cinque Terre) is offered at fixed price regardless of destination address (same price throught the city) or actual time needed to get there.

All our transfers in Genoa, from Genoa Airport or to Monterosso al Mare (Cinque Terre), are private and shared only with your family, friends or colleagues, without any passenger that you don't know. You may pay Genoa Airport taxi transfer by cash to the driver, or ask for pre-payment!

Fully inclusive total transfer fare

3 max
Mercedes E class
One way

170 €
Round trip
 340 € 
330 €
(special round trip fare)

5 max
Luxury Van
One way

181 €
Round trip
 362 € 
352 €
(special round trip fare)

8 max
Luxury Minibus
One way

201 €
Round trip
 402 € 
392 €
(special round trip fare)

10 max
2 x Vehicles
One way

362 €
Round trip
 724 € 
709 €
(special round trip fare)

13 max
2 x Vehicles
One way

382 €
Round trip
 764 € 
749 €
(special round trip fare)

14 max
2 x Vehicles
One way

402 €
Round trip
 804 € 
789 €
(special round trip fare)

Prices per transfer (not per person). Night supplement of 20% for pick-up from 21:00pm to 7:00am not included. Supplement for last-minute bookings not included (any applicable supplement will be shown later when booking). Average trip time is 100 minutes. Photos are for illustration purposes only and vehicle actually provided may be different.
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Please refer to the transfer price list provided above if you are looking just for BUS or TAXI PRICE from Genoa Airport to Monterosso al Mare (Cinque Terre) or wish to make a bus or taxi reservation. You will get the transfer fare instantly and you may start a new reservation request if you wish to.

In case of difficulties or for special requests, like destination not listed, or custom route building, for groups of more than 14 passengers, for any question about Genoa transfers, taxi from Genoa Airport, shuttle from Genoa Airport and custom Genoa bus transfers, please contact us. We will be happy to answer questions about your transfer in Genoa or anywhere you need to be.

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Genoa transfers fare details
The fare for Genoa airport transfer or for any other transfer in Genoa includes:
  • Private transfers from Genoa to any place or airport transfer to Genoa, for just yourself or for yourself and your travel companions booking together with you. We operate Genoa Airport transfers using a wide fleet of Mercedes cars and buses, including limousine E-Class, van and minibuses accommodating from one, up to a group of 54 passengers.
  • All taxes, toll charges and any other local charge between Genoa Airport and Monterosso al Mare (Cinque Terre)
  • Meet and greet service in Genoa Airport: one of our driver will either wait for you holding a sign with your name or will meet you at the address you specified and will assist with your transfer.
  • Licensed, experienced and fully qualified English speaking driver. The driver has an emergency telephone number for urgent communications (for example, you cannot locate him/her in Genoa Airport at agreed location)
  • Transport of the luggage specified on your reservation form.
  • There are no supplements in case the transfer to Monterosso al Mare (Cinque Terre) gets longer due to traffic jams, deviations or other unexpected events
  • For Genoa airport transfers, there are no delayed flight supplements.
The fare doesn't include:
  • Nights hours when applicable (only if night hours are not stated on the reservation form).
  • Transport of additional luggage not stated on the reservation form as well as transport of large items
  • Tips to the driver. Tips are usually not mandatory but exclusively at your personal discretion.

Genoa information
Genoa is located in the region of Liguria, along the shores of Tyrrhenian sea, and is one of the most important seaport in Italy for both passengers and industry. From Genoa, charming tourist areas like the romantic Cinque Terre, can be easily reached by short transfers.

A portion of Genoa's historical center is included into UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. One of the most amazing features of this area is a dense network of picturesque "carrugi", very narrow streets (alleyways) running between tall multi-colored buildings, so narrow that can be crossed only by pedestrians or bikes, giving to Genoa a "touch of Morocco". The "Lanterna" of Genoa is a 77 meters high lighthouse (Genoa lighthouse), built over a 44 meters high rock and still used as an important navigation aid for ships operating in the main Genoa's harbor. Near the lighthouse there is also a small museum dedicated to the history of Genoa and its seaport. The Aquarium of Genoa is the biggest aquarium in Italy and one of the largest in Europe, it houses fishes and other marine forms of life from all over the world, welcoming more than a million of visitors every year. But beside the main attractions, Genoa has new surprises to offer behind every corner, like the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, the Palace of the Doges and countless churches. The cuisine in Genoa has several specialties typical of Liguria region, not available elsewhere in Italy. Suggested dishes are a kind of pizza ("focaccia" or "farinata", very different from regular Italian pizza) available in dozens of fillings, but where onions, cooked in many different ways, are usually the most common. The "pesto" is instead a special sauce used as topping for spaghetti and other pasta, made by crushing inside a mortar a set of ingredients like ligurian basil leaves, pine nuts, different cheeses, garlic and extra virgin oil of olives.

"Cinque Terre", awaits to be discovered. The area is known for a series of picturesque towns (Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola) built over a rugged portion of ligurian coastline. Beyond the dramatic landscape, the place offers also an excellent wine, not found elsewhere in Italy, coming from vineyards growing into terraces excavated from the mountains. Continuing for about 50 kilometers south-east from Cinque Terre, tourists will find the famous beach resorts of Forte dei Marmi (northern Tuscany) and the Carrara caves, where top quality marble, used since ancient times by famous italian artists, is still extracted. West of Genoa there are beach resorts stretching almost continuously from Savona (50km west of Genoa), Albenga (90km), Imperia (120km), Sanremo (145km), Ventimiglia (165km), well into France, to Monaco (180km), Nice (195km) and Cannes (230km). The ligurian sea has been recently classified as one of the cleanest in Italy.We offer customized shuttle transfers to all these destinations and more, for just yourself and your travel companions. If the destination that you are looking for is not listed in our www.airportcitytransfer.com web site, please contact us to ask price and details.

Public transportation within Genoa is guaranteed by buses, railways, rack railways and metro. Long distance railway connects Genoa to Turin, Milan and Rome through regular intercity trains (super fast trains are still not available in Genoa), while a railway line runs to the west into France.

Genoa Cristoforo Colombo airport is located 15 kilometers from Genoa city centre and the typical transfer time is approximately 25 minutes. This airport links Genoa with frequent direct non-stop service to Rome and to some other major italian city. Service to major European cities and some intercontinental destination is provided by different airlines. For more information about Genoa airport, please visit the official web site here.

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