Transfer price from Paris Montparnasse to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
Paris Montparnasse

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

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We offer private shuttle transfer from Paris Montparnasse to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Travel worry-free during your trip to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, using our private taxi service.

All our transfers in Paris and beyond are private and shared only with your family, friends or colleagues. You may pay Paris Montparnasse taxi transfer by cash to the driver, or ask for pre-payment!

Fully inclusive total transfer fare
Passengers Vehicle One way Round trip
1 - 3MPV65 Euros120 Euros
R/T Fare Saver!
4MPV6 minivan70 Euros130 Euros
R/T Fare Saver!
5 - 6MPV6 minivan75 Euros140 Euros
R/T Fare Saver!
7 - 8MPV8 minivan85 Euros160 Euros
R/T Fare Saver!
9 - 13Mini Bus199 Euros388 Euros
R/T Fare Saver!
14Mini Bus258 Euros506 Euros
R/T Fare Saver!
Prices per transfer (not per person). Night fare and last minute supplement (where applicable) not included. Approx. trip time: 45 min.

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Please refer to the transfer price list provided above if you are looking just for BUS or TAXI PRICE from Paris Montparnasse to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport or wish to make a bus or taxi reservation. You will get the transfer fare instantly and you may start a new reservation request if you wish to.

In case of difficulties or for special requests, like destination not listed, or custom route building, for groups of more than 14 passengers, for any question about Paris transfers, taxi from Paris Montparnasse, shuttle from Paris Montparnasse and custom Paris bus transfers, please contact us. We will be happy to answer questions about your transfer in Paris or anywhere you need to be.

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Paris transfers fare details
The fare for Paris airport transfer or for any other transfer in Paris includes:
  • Private transfers from Paris to any place or airport transfer to Paris, for just yourself or for yourself and your travel companions booking together with you. We operate Paris Montparnasse transfers using a wide fleet of Mercedes cars and buses, including limousine E-Class, van and minibuses accommodating from one, up to a group of 54 passengers.
  • All taxes, toll charges and any other local charge between Paris Montparnasse and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
  • Meet and greet service in Paris Montparnasse: one of our driver will either wait for you holding a sign with your name or will meet you at the address you specified and will assist with your transfer.
  • Licensed, experienced and fully qualified English speaking driver. The driver has an emergency telephone number for urgent communications (for example, you cannot locate him/her in Paris Montparnasse at agreed location)
  • Transport of the luggage specified on your reservation form.
  • There are no supplements in case the transfer to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport gets longer due to traffic jams, deviations or other unexpected events
  • For Paris airport transfers, there are no delayed flight supplements.
The fare doesn't include:
  • Nights hours when applicable (only if night hours are not stated on the reservation form).
  • Transport of additional luggage not stated on the reservation form as well as transport of large items
  • Tips to the driver. Tips are usually not mandatory but exclusively at your personal discretion.

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