Transfer price from Venice Cruise Terminal to Venice Marco Polo Airport
Venice Cruise Terminal

Venice Marco Polo Airport

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We offer private shuttle transfer from Venice Cruise Terminal to Venice Marco Polo Airport. Travel worry-free, because using our private taxi service, your trip to Venice Marco Polo Airport is offered at fixed price regardless of departure address (same price throught the city) or actual time needed to get there.

All our transfers in Venice, from Venice Cruise Terminal or to Venice Marco Polo Airport, are private and shared only with your family, friends or colleagues, without any passenger that you don't know. You may pay Venice Cruise Terminal taxi transfer by cash to the driver, or ask for pre-payment!

Fully inclusive total transfer fare

2 max
Mercedes E class
One way

39 €
Round trip
 78 € 
73 €
(special round trip fare)

5 max
Luxury Van
One way

50 €
Round trip
 100 € 
95 €
(special round trip fare)

8 max
Luxury Minibus
One way

65 €
Round trip
 130 € 
125 €
(special round trip fare)

10 max
2 x Vehicles
One way

90 €
Round trip
 180 € 
175 €
(special round trip fare)

11 max
2 x Vehicles
One way

110 €
Round trip
 220 € 
215 €
(special round trip fare)

14 max
2 x Vehicles
One way

115 €
Round trip
 230 € 
225 €
(special round trip fare)

Prices per transfer (not per person). Night supplement of 20% for pick-up from 22:00pm to 7:00am not included. Supplement for last-minute bookings not included (any applicable supplement will be shown later when booking). Average trip time is 25 minutes. Photos are for illustration purposes only and vehicle actually provided may be different.
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Please refer to the transfer price list provided above if you are looking just for BUS or TAXI PRICE from Venice Cruise Terminal to Venice Marco Polo Airport or wish to make a bus or taxi reservation. You will get the transfer fare instantly and you may start a new reservation request if you wish to.

In case of difficulties or for special requests, like destination not listed, or custom route building, for groups of more than 14 passengers, for any question about Venice transfers, taxi from Venice Cruise Terminal, shuttle from Venice Cruise Terminal and custom Venice bus transfers, please contact us. We will be happy to answer questions about your transfer in Venice or anywhere you need to be.

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Venice transfers fare details
The fare for Venice airport transfer or for any other transfer in Venice includes:
  • Private transfers from Venice to any place or airport transfer to Venice, for just yourself or for yourself and your travel companions booking together with you. We operate Venice Cruise Terminal transfers using a wide fleet of Mercedes cars and buses, including limousine E-Class, van and minibuses accommodating from one, up to a group of 54 passengers.
  • All taxes, toll charges and any other local charge between Venice Cruise Terminal and Venice Marco Polo Airport
  • Meet and greet service in Venice Cruise Terminal: one of our driver will either wait for you holding a sign with your name or will meet you at the address you specified and will assist with your transfer.
  • Licensed, experienced and fully qualified English speaking driver. The driver has an emergency telephone number for urgent communications (for example, you cannot locate him/her in Venice Cruise Terminal at agreed location)
  • Transport of the luggage specified on your reservation form.
  • There are no supplements in case the transfer to Venice Marco Polo Airport gets longer due to traffic jams, deviations or other unexpected events
  • For Venice airport transfers, there are no delayed flight supplements.
The fare doesn't include:
  • Nights hours when applicable (only if night hours are not stated on the reservation form).
  • Transport of additional luggage not stated on the reservation form as well as transport of large items
  • Tips to the driver. Tips are usually not mandatory but exclusively at your personal discretion.

Venice information
Venice is probably the most picturesque city of the world, a city not needing any presentation! Built over a lagoon containing more than 30 populated islands, as well as additional smaller islands without any building, Venice is a real open-air museum and a romantic place, deserving a several days visit during your trip to Italy.

You may start your tour of Venice from the famous Piazza San Marco (St Mark square), containing the Basilica of San Marco church (St Mark's Basilica), a cathedral displaying one of the best known examples of Byzantine architecture, with enormous mosaics made of gold, bronze and other stones, covering a roof and wall surface of 8000 m2. The Grand Canal is a channel of water up to 90 meters wide, actually cutting Venice into two parts. It is crossed by several picturesque pedestrian bridges, like the Rialto bridge, and makes one of the most important traffic corridor for boats and ships of different sizes, like the "vaporetto", smaller motorboats and even gondolas. The Bridge of Sights (Ponte dei Sospiri) was so called because it connects the old jail with the interrogation rooms inside the Doge's palace. The bridge is made of limestone in baroc style and has windows with stone bars too. Murano and Burano islands are the main places for glass making, where artists make unique creations in glass using techniques handed on from many generations. Here you can see the artists at work and you can buy excellent genuine souvenirs. But these are just very few examples of what Venice has to offer, a city extremely interesting for everybody having interests in history and arts, but not only. Public transportation in Venice is provided by boats ("vaporetto") looking like regular buses, but operating onto water. There are in addition private water taxi, romantic Gondola letting to navigate even the narrowest channels between the buildings, while link to the rest of Italy is provided by train (Venezia Santa Lucia railway station is located almost in the centre on Venice) and airplane.

Outside Venice there are important attractions too. A little more than 100 kilometers north of Venice, there are the Alps and the Dolomiti mountains, an UNESCO site due to the unique geology of this area. At a similar distance west of Venice, Garda lake is an interesting destination for the landscape and for the many charming small towns all around the lake. Here, the Gardaland theme park is located also. South and east of Venice, beautiful beaches can be found around the Adriatic sea, making Venice a good base point for swimming trips under the hot italian sun. Just 30 kilometers to the east, Padova (Padua) is an important destination for business, as many important italian industries are located here. We at www.airportcitytransfer.com offer private taxi from Venice airport to all these destinations and not only! If the destination that you are looking for is not listed here, please contact us to ask for price and availability.

Venice Marco Polo airport is located 15 kilometers from Venice downtown and the transfer time, depending on actual destination in Venice and if a water taxi is required, varies between 25 and 50 minutes. For more information about Venice airport please click here.

Due to the service provided by low cost airlines offering cheap flights to Venice, traffic onto Treviso airport, located just 40 kilometers from Venice, is constantly increasing. Of course, we provide private shuttle from Treviso airport to Venice and back, or everywhere you need to be. The transfer to Venice from Treviso airport requires between 50 and 90 minutes, for more information about Treviso - Venice transfers, please click here. For more information about Treviso airport, please click here.

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