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We offer private shuttle transfer from Verona Airport to Brenzone. Travel worry-free, because using our private taxi service, your trip to Brenzone is offered at fixed price regardless of destination address (same price throught the city) or actual time needed to get there.

All our transfers in Verona, from Verona Airport or to Brenzone, are private and shared only with your family, friends or colleagues, without any passenger that you don't know. You may pay Verona Airport taxi transfer by cash to the driver, or ask for pre-payment!

Are you looking for Executive VIP transfer to Brenzone from Verona Airport? We are pleased to inform that in addition to regular cheap transfer, we offer also Executive VIP transfer from Verona Airport to Brenzone on a wide selection of luxury vehicles for your exclusive enjoyment.

Fully inclusive total transfer fare

Trip time
75 minutes

Prices per transfer
(not per person)

Night supplement of 20% for pick-up from 22:00pm to 7:00am not included. Supplement for last-minute bookings not included (any applicable supplement will be shown later when booking).

Pictures are for illustration purposes only and actual vehicle may be different.

3 max
One way

90 €
Round trip
 180 € 
175 €
(special round trip fare)

3 max
Mercedes E Class
One way

114 €
Round trip

228 €

3 max
Mercedes S Class
One way

240 €
Round trip

480 €

5 max
One way

100 €
Round trip
 200 € 
195 €
(special round trip fare)

7 max
Mercedes V Class Viano
One way

144 €
Round trip

288 €

8 max
One way

111 €
Round trip
 222 € 
217 €
(special round trip fare)

14 max
Private Bus
One way

192 €
Round trip
 384 € 
379 €
(special round trip fare)

Prices per transfer (not per person). Night supplement of 20% for pick-up from 22:00pm to 7:00am not included. Supplement for last-minute bookings not included (any applicable supplement will be shown later when booking). Average trip time is 75 minutes. Photos are for illustration purposes only and vehicle actually provided may be different.
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Please refer to the transfer price list provided above if you are looking just for BUS or TAXI PRICE from Verona Airport to Brenzone or wish to make a bus or taxi reservation. You will get the transfer fare instantly and you may start a new reservation request if you wish to.

In case of difficulties or for special requests, like destination not listed, or custom route building, for groups of more than 14 passengers, for any question about Verona transfers, taxi from Verona Airport, shuttle from Verona Airport and custom Verona bus transfers, please contact us. We will be happy to answer questions about your transfer in Verona or anywhere you need to be.

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Verona transfers fare details
The fare for Verona airport transfer or for any other transfer in Verona includes:
  • Private transfers from Verona to any place or airport transfer to Verona, for just yourself or for yourself and your travel companions booking together with you. We operate Verona Airport transfers using a wide fleet of Mercedes cars and buses, including limousine E-Class, van and minibuses accommodating from one, up to a group of 54 passengers.
  • All taxes, toll charges and any other local charge between Verona Airport and Brenzone
  • Meet and greet service in Verona Airport: one of our driver will either wait for you holding a sign with your name or will meet you at the address you specified and will assist with your transfer.
  • Licensed, experienced and fully qualified English speaking driver. The driver has an emergency telephone number for urgent communications (for example, you cannot locate him/her in Verona Airport at agreed location)
  • Transport of the luggage specified on your reservation form.
  • There are no supplements in case the transfer to Brenzone gets longer due to traffic jams, deviations or other unexpected events
  • For Verona airport transfers, there are no delayed flight supplements.
The fare doesn't include:
  • Nights hours when applicable (only if night hours are not stated on the reservation form).
  • Transport of additional luggage not stated on the reservation form as well as transport of large items
  • Tips to the driver. Tips are usually not mandatory but exclusively at your personal discretion.

Verona information
Verona is located in Veneto region, in northern Italy, just south of the Alps and east of Garda Lake. Due to the peculiar architecture and urban plant, Verona is an UNESCO site and attracts more than three millions of tourists every year from all over the world. Additional attractions, like Venice, the Alps and Garda lake, are all within an easy reach from Verona.

You may start your tour of Verona from the ancient Arena (Arena di Verona) a Roman amphitheater in excellent state of preservation, still hosting major opera performances and other shows. But Verona is probably better known in the world thanks to William Shakespeare and his play narrating the love story between Romeo and Giulietta, here, the famous balcony of Juliet's house can be visited by tourists. "Piazza delle Erbe" is Verona's oldest square and, during the Roman time, it was the city's main political and economical centre. The square is delimited by several medieval buildings and has a central fountain dated about 380 a.c. As anticipated before, the urban development of the Verona is quite peculiar, as the city keeps the ancient "footprint" coming from the Roman and subsequent times, with the original walls still existing in some parts of the city. Verona is cut into two parts by the Adige river making a narrow meander exactly around the oldest part of the city: a series of bridges, some of them quite old and picturesque, ensure a relatively smooth traffic flow to and from the city center. Verona is also very important because the city hosts several events throughout the year, like festivals, shows of different kind, and fairs.

From Verona people can easily reach many other important cities in northern Italy, as well as entertainment areas. Indeed Verona is about halfway between Milan and Venice, approximately 120 kilometers away from each city. Garda lake instead, with its picturesque landscape made of hills, mountains, traditional small towns and lake's waters, is located just 20 kilometers west of Verona. On the lake, the famous Gardaland theme park is located. For nature lovers, about 120 kilometers to the north, people can have short or multi days excursions to the Alps within Trentino Alto Adige region, including the Dolomites, recently declared an UNESCO site thanks to the unique geology of this place. We offer customized shuttle transfers to all these destinations and more, for just yourself and your travel companions. If the destination that you are looking for is not listed in our www.airportcitytransfer.com web site, please contact us to ask price and details.

Public transportation within Verona is guaranteed by buses, while railways connects the city to Turin, Trieste and Rome, including most cities in the middle, like Bologna or Venice. Eurostar train service is operated from the main Verona railway station, called "Verona Porta Nuova", while most regional trains stops also in "Verona Porta Vescovo" railway station. Both these Verona railway stations are within 25 minutes walking distance from Verona medieval city center.

Verona Catullo airport is located 15 kilometers from verona downtown and the typical transfer time is approximately 25 minutes. This airport links Verona with direct non-stop service to the most important cities in Italy and northern Europe, as well as to some long range destinations served by airlines offering charter or scheduled flights. For more information about Verona airport, please visit the official web site here.

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