Private tours, day trips and excursions
In addition to transfers by private vehicles, we offer day tours to various destinations worldwide, particularly suited for passengers having short time (like cruise ship passengers) and for who would like a customized itinerary that can be easily customized in terms of schedule and itinerary.
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Day trips, tours and excursions

Why book day tours with us

  • Guaranteed departures even with only one passenger! Once you received the confirmation of your day trip, the departure is always guaranteed even if you are travelling alone, as we do not need a minimum number of passengers to run the tour. On most tours we can accommodate from 1 to 14 passengers, but under request we may organize excursions even for very large groups up to 50 passengers (just specify the number of passengers in your party on the booking form).

  • Private service - no unknown passengers! Driver and vehicle allocated to your excursion will be for your exclusive use, without any unknow passenger. This lets to further customize your day trip, deciding the schedule and the exact itinerary in full freedom, as they will not be imposed in order to meet the needs of every different passenger.

  • Flexible itinerary! During your excursion, just inform your driver about your personal interests and what you would like to do. Alternatively, simply let your driver to suggest the best route depending on weather, traffic and location of "not to be missed" attractions.

  • Flexible payment terms and modifications! For most trips, we do not require advanced payments, but you may pay your driver on the day of the excursion (or even pay in advance if you prefer so). Our modification and cancellation policy is one of the most friendly that you can find throughout the web, letting you to travel in full peace of mind without additional expenses.

  • Our excursions are lead by a licensed and insured driver who will assist you throughout the trip. Additional service from a professional guide may be available in most cities under request, with an additional fee to be calculated. Provided service doesn't include food and drinks, tickets for museums and other attractions, camera fees where applicable and any other expense of personal nature. The itineraries proposed are just an example and they may be altered for operational reasons (however your driver will always do the best in order to visit all the mentioned attractions).

Questions and info about our tours
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